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TIMO Office's smart products help you streamline and structure your daily work. The products are also well-designed and often have several uses as a bonus. Our products simply give you more.

"Where the idea meets motivation and the result is SUCCESS"

Fredrik och Gustav


We live in a society where everything is fast and people strive to reach their goals in a day. People plan more than they have ever done before to reach more goals then ever.

We compete with ourselves to win the battle against the clock. What if all this is just an illusion in a game where society sets the rules and you just follow the game?

Right here, right now

At the TIMO Office, we choose to create our own World where we focus on our potential instead of our limitations. We can climb mountains that we never thought before we started climbing because we know it’s about daring.

We do not believe that life is a struggle at the TIMO Office, either at home or at work. The clock is just a direction of travel so we should know where to start and when to stop. In between, we will create happy moments with our families, friends, colleagues and our customers.

Through commitment and presence in our work, we create the best conditions for good relationships with both our colleagues but above all with our customers. We always dare to take that first step towards our dreams.

Security & Development

We have always worked since the start of October 3, 2003, for TIMO to be a safe workplace – where we promote and reward personal development. To achieve personal development, it is important to feel safe in the environment and the environment. Therefore, it is important to first give of oneself to get out of others at the next stage.

The most important thing for us is to create a team that wants to make this adventure together whilst having fun doing it. There is always someone, of us, who will hold your hand and listen when in need. It is not part of our education, but it is very important that you have the heart in the right place when you choose to apply for us. We are there for each other no matter what, whether it is private or the job related. That confidence and safety we give you, will make the difference why you want to be part of this unique and fantastic team. We are like one big family.

Core values

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There must be a good thought through foundation with everything we do and all the products we produce and create.
We are happy to be inspired of our customers and employees and it create new and innovative products.
We create added value primarily for our customers but also for our employees who are our ambassadors.
Our organization should be developmental and rewarding and be a safe employer.

Business plan

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We at TIMO Office offer products with a clear idea and high quality, to help our customers simplify their daily work. Our goal is to become the prominent supplier of office innovative and efficent products. Fo us to become that require us to offer the right products for the right customers.

Company history

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In October 2003, Gustav Larsson’s father’s home got crowded since he had to make place for the newly started company TIMO Office AB at his house. Gustav, who already had the experience of the office & supply business – noticed the potential need for a better customer service and a more effiecent products. The warehouse was placed upstairs. Even though the beds were stacked and furniture pushed aside, the space wasn’t enough for very long. The company soon moved to a close by office and during this time part owner Fredrik Ekdahl got introduced.

The duo soon advanced to a larger office and in 2008 they decided to make a major investment. They made up guidelines for the future and decided to build a new office with plenty of room for the big company they hoped to develop. Today, TIMO Office has 21 employees around in Sweden, with the main office and warehouse in Trelleborg. TIMO started business in Finland 2019. The company’s vision is to have 35 employees and a turnover of 50 million SEK.

TIMO Harmony

Through our health project TIMO Harmony, we want to inspire, draw attention to and encourage all employees at TIMO.

Friendship school in South Africa

We are an active participant in Star for Life, with a vision to motivate and inspire young people to a better life and an increased faith in the future.