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From wheat to bread

We care
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Man is unique in itself, but like everyone else in his pursuit of self-realization. We believe that knowledge combined with good leadership will give you exactly what you need to succeed.

We do not look at age, gender or ethnic background because it is completely irrelevant to us. You are important to us and what you can do for our customers. Who are you to get to work with the absolute best sales team in Sweden? We are looking for success potential at every stage.


“You should not just want to win, you should be a winner and that means you have an innate ability to never give up. The character we seek should be able to see behind customers’ attitudes and exterior. Closed doors are only locked until you find the right key. Sometimes you have to test several different keys to find the right one and that is exactly how we look at sales.

Dare to make mistakes as long as you get up again and try until you succeed. If you are the person who always sees opportunities when you are stuck, then you may be the one we are looking for. It is the solution that creates success and behind it hides many faults and mistakes.

It is not possible to be the best if you have not stepped wrong along the way. If you are the person with this mindset, you have the foundation for a long career with us. “


“There are no limits to how good you can be with us. We have a training program that gives you access to everything you need to know to achieve the results the job requires. The training starts down at the head office in Trelleborg where you will meet our education manager Camilla who has a solid experience in direct sales.

Our responsibility is to take you from one step to the next through honest communication and extraordinary leadership.

“As a salesman and employee at TIMO, you become one in the family. You can influence your own salary and you get all the help you need to succeed. Freedom with responsibility"

Jenny Glitterö

TIMO Office

"I always feel cared for and actually loved. All of TIMO is like my secondary family. There is always someone on the other hand who has time with me no matter what it is. Personal things or job-related ”

Camilla Severin

TIMO Office

Freedom with responsibility

Under freedom there comes a responsibility. Then the hard, intense and determined work begins with the elite. Therefore, it is not just a wish on our part that you can sign that insistence is your greatest strength and that you have a winning mind set – it is a requirement! We will confirm your hard work and make sure that you feel appreaciated during the journey. Your regional manager will work closely with you, to help you succeed in the best possible way. We will motivate and inspire you to achieve success and your best results. We want everyone to grow and never stop developing because that momentum is one of the greatest in man.


Next part what will be the most fun part of the job, people. Developing relationships and getting to know new people every day is a privilege for those who are curious about new people. We create trust with our customers because we help them save time. It is our job to find products that will help them work more efficient through order and structure.

Much of our work is about asking questions but also having the ability to read between the lines. Every customer is different and we sometimes have to see and understand what the customer himself does not always see during the meeting. Therefore, it is just as important to be able to listen as well as to talk and it is a form of art in itself to know when to do which.

Back to the basic question; Are you the right person to work with the best sales team?

TIMO Harmony

Through our health project TIMO Harmony, we want to inspire, draw attention to and encourage all employees at TIMO.

Friendship school in South Africa

We are an active participant in Star for Life, with a vision to motivate and inspire young people to a better life and an increased faith in the future.