TIMO Harmony

Health Projects

To feel well

Through our health project TIMO Harmony, we want to inspire, draw attention to and encourage all employees at TIMO to be in harmony with themselves, and ultimately create a win-win for the team.

In the end, it’s all about love for ourselves and what we do with our days. We can fill every hour of the day wioth whatever we want. All our thoughts we have and the choices we make lead to who we are and become.

Performs better

At TIMO, we want our staff to take care of themselves and spend time on themselves to feel good. We know that this is the foundation of all success. When our body gets the nutrition it needs, we function better emotionally and physically. This helps us to get more energy makes it easier to relax and focus on the right things in our everyday-life. This means that we get into a positive vibe, which is proven by feeling- and performing better.

Like everything else you succeed at, it is important with daily exercise. No excuses. To motivate and stimulate activity, we have various HARMONI projects running throughout the year. There will be contests every now and then to inspire you to get in charge of your workout routine and make it your lifestyle.

The right conditions create good habits

We do a number of things to create the best conditions for exercise and exercise. All employees receive a health allowance every year. We invest a lot in high-profile profiled workout clothes. We encourage to plan time for workout during working hours. It can be in conjunction with lunch or why not start the day with a work out? All our conferences have some form of harmony activity.

We want to create opportunities to feel good for those who work with us. They should feel that we are making a journey together which will hopefully be for a very long time. You are never alone at the TIMO Office – together we are strong!

Create success with TIMO

Our training program gives you access to everything you need to know on how to achieve the results the job requires.